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Friday, September 24, 2010

First time mau join contest Nuffnang - DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Tak pernah seumur hidup saya pengguna iPhone ni. Jadi perasaan teruja nak memiliki iPhone tu membuatkan saya memberanikan diri join contest ni. Walaupun..... ayat entah apa2 entah ;p

·         THE FIRST Multi tasking iOS iPhone - The iOs is multi tasking which capable to run unlimited apps in the iOS operating system 
·         THE FIRST HD (High Definition capable) iPhone - The only and first iPhone model that capable to record movies in HD (High Definition) and also are fully capable to fully edit HD video using the iMovie apps

·         THE FIRST iPhone capable of Multi Conference Video Chat (FACETIME) - The iPhone iOS capable of high quality video conference call which can be used using the built in wifi, using the wifi we can   have a video chat through out the world FREELY & GLOBALLY!

·         THE FIRST iPhone with Extremely Impossible To See LCD Pixels with RETINA Technology - The retina display is the only high quality, high pixel density whoch are impossible for the human eyes to see the pixels.

·       THE FIRST iPhone with FASTER, NEWLY DEVELOPED by APPLE's A4 Processor Chip - The A4 processor are built using the Apple's R&D Team which is currently the fastest mobile processor for the phone through out the world.

·         THE FIRST iPhone with DUAL High Quality Helicopter GLASS Surface - The helicopter highest quality front glass are used for the front and back face plate for the iPhone 4. The glass is so high quality that it can be bend wihtout breaking it. It is also high durable which the glass is scratch less and finger print proof.

·         THE FIRST iPhone with GYRO SENSOR!! - The built in GYRO SENSOR combined with the accelerometer made the phone seeing itself in 3D environment. This is also enhance apps in the apps store to be more creative and innovative.

·         THE slimmest iPhone in line - The newly developed A4 Processor and the advancement in the Nano Technology succesfully made the new iPhone 4 to be the slimmest and sexiest in the world!

Jom ramai2 join ini contest!

Here’s how the contest works:

1. This contest will run for 8 days, from 24 September to 1 October 2010.

2. In order to be in the running to win the iPhone 4, you’ll have to complete 4 tasks which will be revealed here on the Nuffnang blog.

3. From 24-27 September, one new task will be revealed each day.

4. You’ll have until 11.59 pm on 1 October (Friday) to complete all 4 blog posts, and submit all four permalinks to us using the forms provided.

5. There will be separate forms for all four days and they’ll be labeled accordingly; don’t mix your permalinks up!

6. Only bloggers who complete all 4 blog posts with all requirements fulfilled will be in the running to win the iPhone 4.

7. The blogger with the most creative blog posts overall wins the iPhone 4 :)

8. You can check back on this blog post every day to see what the new tasks are.


1. Write a blog post with the title, DiGi iPhone 4 Me.

2. In your post, tell us why you want an iPhone 4 from DiGi.

3. Choose one of the five nifty badges below, and copy and paste the code provided to include it in your blog post.

©Hernee Nazir – Puhhh.. kanan.. puhhh kiri.. harap2 adalah rezeki raya ni :)

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  1. ...wah sungguh bernas sekali!! semoga dapatlah apa yg dihajati tu yer! :)

  2. nazame>>bernas kate die..sindir ke pe ni??hahaha..tau le dh dpt iphone 4..


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